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Something About Synchronous Control .

   Ask:       What are the advantages of synchronous control ?
   Answer: All the RGB Lamps in one swimming pool can change color at the same time.And Will not go out of the way:Individual Lamp can not
                  receive signals or all Lamps can not receive signals at the same time .

                  Because the way the Lamps receives signal is wired transmission,unaffected by water or metal barriers for signal shielding .
                  every Lamp receives signal at the same time,so we call this way of control " Synchronous Control " 

Here are some knowledge about synchronization control as blow:

In the synchronous control circuit, the remote controller does not control the Lamps directly ,
but the remote controller sends a signal to the synchronous controller (wireless control),
then the synchronous controller sends a signal to the Lamps (wire control) after receiving the signal from the remote controller.
D1: The distance between the remote controller and the synchronous controller.
==> Empty place without interference,the distance between lamp and controller distance could be 150-200 meters;
==> If use at home and the Synchronous Controller place into a electric box(the box made of metal),so might be some interference,
        distance is shorter and may be 30-60 meters
D2:  Cable Length between the synchronous controller and the last lamp.
==> The length could be 10-50 meters usually used . 
(1) The thicker the wire diameter or the shorter the wire, the more lamps can control via Synchronous controller.
(2) The thinner the wire diameter or the longer the wire, the less lamps can control via Synchronous controller.
Common house hold swimming pool wire use 2*2.5mm² ,cable length within 60 meters,one RGB Synchronous Controller could control 2-5 pcs Lamps.

Other questions about Swimming Pool Light:

1, Ask:      Can the underwater lamps  work out of  water ?
    Answer: It can  only work within 3 minutes if out of water.Otherwise, the lamp will be broken .

2,Ask:      If the lamp is not powered as required voltage, can it work ?
   Answer:No. The lamp can not work or maybe damaged .

3,Ask:    Is it necessary that using synchronous transformer  for the synchronous control lamps ?
   Answer:Yes, you must use RING TRANSFORMER .Do not use ELECTRONIC TANSFORMER.  
                  The lamps will not work synchronously if  you use electronic transformer .

4,Ask:       Why the lamps offen shows different color by Remote Control ?
   Answer:Becsuse lamps receive signal by wireless , water in the swimming pool seems as a screen for signals,what will lead to
                 different lamps  receive the signal at different time .

5,Ask:       How to change programs correctly by switch control ?
   Answer: 3-5 seconds time interval is better.After you turn off the lights,you need wait 3 seconds to 5 seconds before turn on the lights.
                   The program of the lamps will be different if the interval time is too short !

6,Ask:        The Lamp can not work synchronously by SWITCH CONTROL sometimes,how to make it work  synchronously ?
   Answer: Turn on the lights and make the lights work 2 minute, then switch off and on the lights with 2 times each(time interval should be 3-5 seconds) .
                   Therefore,the lamps can work synchnorously .


About Raypole

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